Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My growing art collection

Let me start by saying that I have a very talented family. I also have a very generous family. I currently have on display in my home, three paintings by three very talented men in my family. The amazing thing is that all of these guys are not only talented painters, but musicians too ( and I also know that there are a great many other things that they do). So, without any further delay.... here are some of my most favorite things!

This lovely painting was done by my uncle when he was only 12! He scoffs at it now and notices all of it's imperfections. We are always our own worst critic! I, on the other hand, LOVE it and am very proud to display it. There is also some funny thing he wrote to his mom on the back which makes it even more special in my opinion.

The next one is one by my step dad. He is a wonderful artist but unfortunately hasn't had much time to paint lately because of work. I look forward to when he can paint again. This is one of his many portraits that they have at their house. I somehow managed to beg this one off of them and it stands out beautifully in my bright kitchen.

The last one was a surprise gift from my other dad. He won first prize in a contest for it and it took him quite a long time to paint it as it is 5 feet long! It was a wonderful Christmas gift and I love looking at it when we sit down to eat!
 Here you can see how big it is!
I also have a sister and a brother who are also very talented artists, so I am looking forward to maybe one day displaying one of their creations in my home as well. There is nothing quite like real paintings on a wall. Absolutely beautiful....I think I would like to learn how!

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