Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cute little cover up

I found this really soft knit fabric for $6 a yard and looove  the way this cover up came out!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My new slipcovers

Here is a picture of the first slipcover I ever made with just having done a lot of reading on the subject. I was really proud of it and excited to enter the world of re-making my furniture on the cheap! It had plenty of problems (like I never finished the back which was okay because it is against the wall) but it was a pretty good first try for very little money.
Then I purchased Shelley Anderson's video from Custom Slipcovers by Shelley and made a bunch more slipcovers. Some for my friends and family and some just for practice. Her video is so informative and gives you really professional results in a lot less time. Here is the latest slipcover (using her techniques) for the same loveseat...

I think that the difference is remarkable. Now.. there are plenty of imperfections like some piping is a little twisted, in some places the fabric is not perfectly smooth,  etc.etc. but as these are for me and my time to work on them is limited, I am okay with it! Nevertheless, Shelley's video is invaluable for anyone trying to do this and you will be really impressed with what you can make using her techniques! Thanks Shelley!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amy's Settee

Sorry no before picture. A cute white denim slip on a cute piece of furniture. By the way this is the couch that her black cat sleeps on! Thank goodness it's washable!