Monday, May 2, 2011

The chair

Progress is definitely slow with slipcovers in my house. I am too easily distracted with the tasks of the day and of course all of the house "projects" that I just have to do because I am being artsy-fartsy.  Anyway, here is the chair that was all ripped and I covered it in an ugly purple sheet to hide the rips... And here it is now.
I finally made a nicer slipcover for it and placed in in the living room and it looks much better in my opinion.
 A little wrinkled....but still a big improvement
It is so wonderful to be able to re-create your old comfy furniture that you just love, but would never be able to sell on craigslist if you bought new stuff!

p.s. don't zoom in too closely or you will notice all of my mistakes!! Including the fact that I didn't finish hemming the chair before I took the picture! Nice yellow pins, Lydia !

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