Thursday, December 9, 2010

A sneak peek..

I inherited some couches from a friend who updated to leather furniture. This worked out perfectly for me since we are working on another room in the house (which will need furniture) and I am always looking for another project! They are ironically almost identical in fabric to my couches that I already covered. I did want to wash them entirely when I first brought them home as they were stored in an outside shed for a little while. However, they had semi attached back cushions which was a little bit of a problem. So.. I just took out the stitching and now they will be loose back cushions when I slipcover them!  (However, they are a total pain in the neck now because my kids like to use them as springboards and the cushions have nothing to hold them in place while being jumped on! See picture below..)

 Unattached back cushions
Another fabulous outfit by Lillian
So..I was able to wash almost the entire couch in the washing machine at the laundromat! Even the giant foam cushions! I really wish I had taken pictures of that. One woman at the laundromat thought I was totally insane trying to stuff these giant seat cushions into a machine! (Plus it doesn't help that my cute little 4 year old daughter was wearing a ski mask and some kind of weird cape thing) Anyway, I digress....

I think that they would be lovely slipcovered  in a gray linen. We will see what I can find.

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